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About Us

The Clayton County Board of Commissioners created HACC in 1982

The Housing Authority of Clayton County (HACC) is a public body created under the Housing Authorities Law, Georgia Laws 1937, (pp. 210 et seq.) and activated by a 1982 resolution (No. 82-17) of the Board of Commissioners of Clayton County, Georgia.  

The Housing Authority does not operate any public housing as it was created to serve as a "conduit issuer" of tax-exempt bonds to finance privately developed/revitalize affordable housing options within communities in Clayton County.   

The Housing Authority offers programs and incentives designed to support HUD's decent, safe, and sanitary (DSS) Housing Quality standards. 

What We Do

The Housing Authority has been a leading provider and/or facilitator of housing redevelopment and rehabilitation in Clayton County.
HACC was created by the Clayton County Board of Commissioners initially to act as a financial "conduit" providing tax-exempt financing for developers seeking to construct or rehabilitate multifamily housing developments. Projects financed through HACC are intended to provide quality, affordable housing for Clayton County citizens.

In addition, HACC has been a leading provider and/or facilitator of housing redevelopment and rehabilitation in Clayton County, with experience in the administration of federal and local programs that are designed to address potential urban blight, neighborhood deterioration, substandard housing construction, all while enhancing the overall quality of life and economic development in Clayton County and the metro Atlanta region.

More specifically, the "programs" of the Housing Authority of Clayton County have included those whereby HACC's role is as a local administrator for federally funded housing programs of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), namely the Department's Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Programs. These programs provide federal dollars for the rehabilitation of distressed local residences needing emergency repairs, retrofitting to accommodate seniors and citizens with disabilities, and rehab to raise the quality of home construction so that all residences are within code and able to maintain current and projected property values. Note: HACC is not currently administering any federally funded housing rehabilitation programs.

In addition, HACC programs include locally funded rehabilitation of multi-family and single-family residences, with program income provided by HACC revenues garnered from bond fees paid by developers and income from Premier Garden Apartment Homes in College Park, which is owned and operated by HACC through its Facilities Holding Company. The Authority's primary home rehab efforts are facilitated through Housing Urgency Grants (HUG), which provide grants to local, qualified homeowners to rehabilitate their residences when they are in need of emergency repairs, are not up to code, and/or may threaten the health and welfare of inhabitants.

Unlike similar organizations, HACC does not administer public housing or Housing Choice (Section 8) housing vouchers. The administrator of public housing & Section 8 vouchers in Clayton County is the Jonesboro Housing Authority. That office can be reached at 770.478.7282.

Who We Are

The Housing Authority of Clayton County (HACC) is an independent, autonomous agency created by the Clayton County Board of Commissioners (BOC) under Georgia Law to stimulate economic growth in Clayton County, Georgia (USA), by providing quality, safe and affordable housing for its residents.

HACC is governed by its own five-member Board of Commissioners, appointed to five-year terms by the Clayton County Commission, to determine the policies and programs in accordance with the bylaws of this autonomous agency.

HACC is operated day-to-day by a staff of professionals and their contractors, with leadership provided by the Executive Director.

The Executive Director provides leadership, guidance, and visioning for the Housing Authority of Clayton County, its subsidiaries and programs there-in.  The Executive Director works closely with a team of highly qualified (licensed and certified) consultants to address fiscal management, bond financing, human resources, and legal/public relations matters. 

The Executive Administrator supports daily operations and administrative needs of the Executive Director and the Housing Authority of Clayton County overall.

The Program Manager handles the administration of programs and service for that support low-to-moderate income Clayton County citizens. HACC works with local rehabilitation contractors who are qualified to provide the lowest cost construction management and general contracting services for all of its rehabilitation programs and housing inspectors who are contracted to inspect pre- and post-construction. 

Growing into Independence as a local administrator of federal housing programs
In 1998, HACC was approached by the Clayton County Director of Economic Development to administer the federal HOME and CDBG Programs. At that time, the County was part of the Georgian Urban Counties Consortium that included Fulton, Cobb, and Gwinnett Counties, as well as a few other metro Atlanta cities. Clayton County and its Housing Authority were part of this Consortium until 2000. 

In order for the County to stand alone, it had to meet a threshold designed by a HUD formula. That threshold was $30,000 short at the time the County sought this independent administrative positioning, so in good faith, the Housing Authority contributed the $30,000 to the County in order that it - through HACC - could continue administering the CDBG and HOME Programs for the benefit of local residents in need. HACC then served as the local administrator of the CDBG funds through 2007.

Economic and Quality of Life Impact

HACC has a direct and indirect impact - in a number of ways - on the economic development and quality of life in Clayton County. By serving as a financial conduit to provide tax-exempt financing for developers, the Authority helped to facilitate the construction and redevelopment of quality, affordable housing for residents of Clayton County.

In addition, through the successful ownership and operation of its Premier Garden Apartment Homes and Pointe South Apartments, the Authority is afforded revenues to invest in a number of programs for local families. Furthermore, the Authority has a history of successfully administering federal home rehabilitation programs, bringing tax dollars back to Clayton County, where they are reinvesting in upgrading the community's current housing stock.

Indirectly, by serving as one of the leading agencies for home rehabilitation and neighborhood redevelopment in Clayton County, the Housing Authority helps prevent neighborhood blight and falling property values for the benefit of local residents and property owners.

Further diversification of HACC housing program portfolio

Other programs created and administered by HACC include the Alternative Housing Funding Program, the Housing Urgency Grants (HUG) Program, and the Student Housing Initiative Program (SHIP), operated in conjunction with the Clayton County School System.  For the last several years, HACC also has received funds for its County Funded Rehab Program. (Please visit our history page for more details)