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Dr. Candice J. Jackson, Board Chair

Dr. Candice J. Jackson is the founding member and CEO of Jackson and Associates Consulting Services, LLC, and currently serves as an Outreach Planning Manager with the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia. Dr. Jackson brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her roles, holding multiple certifications and accolades that underscore her commitment to excellence and service.

As a board-certified Christian Counselor, Certified Life Coach, Ordained Minister of Counseling, and ACA-certified Chaplain, Dr. Jackson has dedicated her career to providing compassionate and insightful guidance to individuals and groups. Her extensive experience spans Christian counseling, life coaching, chaplaincy services, Certified Housing Commissioner, and grant reviewing, highlighting her versatility and depth of knowledge in these fields. Notably, Dr. Jackson specializes in reviewing federal contracts exceeding millions of dollars, a testament to her meticulous attention to detail and proficiency in high-stakes environments.

Dr. Jackson's professional journey with the State of Georgia has spanned over 39 years, during which she has traveled extensively across the state. Her work involves providing one-on-one counseling, coaching, and delivering large group presentations, impacting countless lives with her expertise and empathetic approach.

Her academic background is equally impressive. Dr. Jackson completed her undergraduate studies at Rust College, earning a Bachelor of Science in Social Work. She furthered her education with a Master of Administration from Central Michigan University and earned her Doctor of Religious Philosophy in Christian Counseling from Restoration Theological Seminary, graduating with honors (Cum Laude).

Residing in Clayton County for over 40 years, Dr. Jackson shares her life with her husband, Deacon Jarvis Jackson Sr., and their two wonderful children. Their family is deeply rooted in their community, actively participating in the life of Travelers Rest Baptist Church in Morrow, Georgia, under the esteemed leadership of Rev. Dr. Arthur L. Powell.

Dr. Jackson's multifaceted career and dedication to her community exemplify her unwavering commitment to service and excellence. Her professional achievements, combined with her personal devotion to her faith and family, make her a distinguished leader and an inspiration to many.

Dr. Candice J. Jackson Headshot.   

 Dr. Jackson lives by the mantra "To whom much is given, much is required" ~ Luke12:48