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HUG Program

HUG Rehabilitation Application - The portal to get on the waiting list is now closed as we have reached capacity.   Documents are not uploaded until preliminary eligibility is determined.  The application or document submission is not a guarantee of service.  Please check back later for opportunities to apply.  


The Housing Authority of Clayton County (HACC) has offered a number of housing programs and initiatives since its founding in 1982. The purpose of the HUG Program is to correct code deficiencies of an emergency nature. The goal of the program will be to bring the eligible homeowner's dwelling into compliance with applicable, locally adopted housing rehabilitation standards to reduce ongoing and future maintenance costs, promote energy efficiency, and to preserve decent, safe, and sanitary owner-occupied housing.

Housing Urgency Grant (HUG) Program

HACC Board of Commissioners authorized funds for an in-house program to assist families going through troubled times financially, with services for moderate home rehabilitation and repair projects.

The Housing Urgency Grant (HUG) Program is designed to provide low to moderate-income homeowners with funding to conduct emergency repairs to their homes. 

The details of the HUG Program and its approach to assisting Clayton County homeowners are as follows:

  • The HUG Program can fund repairs to a homeowner's primary residence and must have been occupied for 12 months prior to the application. 
  • Eligible home must be a single-family detached dwelling. 
  • The applicant's total household income must not exceed 50% of the Area Median Income (AMI) as determined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
    • 2024 AMI Guidelines: (1-member max income 37,650) (2-member max income 43,000) (3-member max income 48, 400) (4-member max income 53,750) (5-member max income 58,050) 
  • These grants can help those struggling to pay for moderate repairs with things like ADA accessibility, HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical concerns. 
  • HUG Grants are awarded on a one-time basis.
  • Grants up to $10, 000 are paid to certified and vetted contractors and inspectors on behalf of the homeowner. 
  • All work will be performed by HACC-approved inspectors and general contractors and will be supervised by HACC staff.
  • HACC maintains a pool of qualified contractors who have extensive experience in housing rehabilitation and participate in a bidding process for all HUG projects. 
  • Mortgage payments, homeowner's insurance, and property taxes must be in good standing.

HUG Program Document Checklist

If you are prequalified to move forward, you will be required to submit documents from the "HUG checklist."  Please seek to gather them now, as you will have a limited time to submit them after being contacted.

Verification of Identity (2 forms required for all adults over 18)

Social Security Card and
State-issued ID or
Divers License or
Voter Card/Other or
Or passport or Military ID (SSC not required)

Verification of Dependents (All household members over 18)

Birth Certificates or
School Identification Card or
School Registration Documentation

Verification of Income for the last 30 days (All that applies including Zero Income)

2-4 (reflecting last 30 days) consecutive check stubs and/or
Offer Letter and/or
SSA Award Letter and/or
Pension Disbursement Statement and/or
Bank Statement and/or
W2 and/or
State-issued income statement

Proof of ownership (2 forms required)

Mortgage Statement and
Warranty Deed or Quick claim Deed

Evidence of Positive Standing 

Homeowners Insurance Declaration and 
Property Tax Verification of Payment Assessment